Espresso Italiano Specialist (Edizione Italiana)

Espresso Italiano Specialist is a historical, anthropological and technological journey through the ultimate Italian coffee: the espresso. It is such a complex drink that it requires a solid sensory and technical preparation, both inspired by its age-old history.

It is therefore a journey that starts with the history of the Italian espresso to then continue with a sensory account of the main styles emerging from the study of hundreds of blends. It often reveals unknown details that explain a lot about how Italians drink coffee nowadays.

It is a journey that continues with the discussion of technical issues such as the water, grinding and extraction in an espresso machine: this is all essential knowledge for every Espresso Italiano Specialist who wants to understand the final result in the cup.  It is an account that ends with the Italian cappuccino: a symbol of the marriage between coffee and milk which  has gained huge popularity today, especially outside of Italy.

Espresso Italiano Specialist is the book that helps professionals make a difference in their work, helping them to discover knowledge that truly explains the story behind each coffee and cappuccino that they serve every day in their own cafés.