Sensory Code - Gelato
"The Sensory Code" is the title of a series of innovative handbooks where information is not conveyed in blocks that need assembling to get the knowledge: on the contrary, it is summarized into indipendent paragraphs, each separately understandable and as light as possible. 
Most of these handbooks have been built on the basis of hundreds of questions, asked by thousands of students during our lessons: they have shown the authors the way how to complete subjects and make them clear.
Of course, writing is not like talking and reading is not like listening. In a classroom the communication tone is also adjusted according to the bystanders' looks: an attentive or lost glance allows the trainer to change his approach.
Each handbook of the Code is based on a specific topic (wine, spirits, coffee etc.). Therefore, some parts change but one always remains the same: the one which explains our perception mechanisms, through which the brain draws up maps which make us assume certain attitudes. In synthesis: the final judgment is usually short (I love it, I like it, I don't like it, I can't stand it) but the way we get it is very complex, although this happens in a few seconds. Making this mechanisms clear means improving the quality of our life.
However, each handbook has its own style, partly because of the product it talks about, but above all because of different authors' contribution. 

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