who we are

23 years of research and experience in sensory analysis of the Centro Studi Assaggiatori are available in: books, a series of titles dedicated to methodology and specific products in pdf format; L’Assaggio, the only Italian magazine dedicated to sensory analysis, with the possibility of subscribing to the paper format and downloading back issues; training, courses for the technical-scientific career in sensory analysis and those for the communication and marketing area; training supports, slides, sensory maps and other tools for those who want to teach sensory analysis; software, IT tools to process sensory analysis data.

Centro Studi Assaggiatori is a cooperative company founded in 1990 with the aim of developing sensory analysis methods, providing services to existing tasters’ associations and promoting the creation of new ones. Over time it has become a true school for innovation in the sector, exports sensory analysis to the five continents through courses, tests and specialized editions and is a safe haven for those who want to be interested in sensory sciences.