Espresso Italiano Specialist


The Espresso Italiano Specialist
Resources and testing methods
Being a barista: not a job but a profession


The story of Italian coffee
Coffee in Italy and the lack of communication
The central role of the barista as ‘communicator’
A look towards the future of flavour in Italy


Coffee before Italian Espresso
Percolation, decoction, infusion: definitions
Decoction of coffee berries
Decoction of the seeds
Well-known figures in the coffee industry


The birth of Italian Espresso
The search for the perfect espresso
Italian espresso: a product born out of both poverty and genius
From an espresso prototype to the Italian espresso


The blend for Italian espresso
Benchmarks of a blend
The evolution of the blend
Certified Italian Espresso
The sensory profile of the Certified Italian Espresso


The styles of Italian espresso
The sensory location
Style is born from the heart of the coffee
The historical styles of Italian espresso
Styles and resources
Italian styles and regions


The characteristics of water and their relationship with the coffee
Classification and measurement of the water hardness
Water treatment


The grinding
Grinding systems
Classification of coffee grinders
Assessing the particle size
Use and maintenance of the coffee grinder
Tamping the ground coffee in the filter


The espresso machine
The elements of an espresso machine


Extraction steps
The physical variables and how they are controlled
The extraction and the crema


The Italian cappuccino
The characteristics of the Italian cappuccino
The most common errors made during preparation
Sensory assessment


Espresso Italiano Specialist is a historical, anthropological and technological journey through the ultimate Italian coffee: the espresso. It is such a complex drink that it requires a solid sensory and technical preparation, both inspired by its age-old history.


It is therefore a journey that starts with the history of the Italian espresso to then continue with a sensory account of the main styles emerging from the study of hundreds of blends.


It often reveals unknown details that explain a lot about how Italians drink coffee nowadays. It is a journey that continues with the discussion of technical issues such as the water, grinding and extraction in an espresso machine: this is all essential knowledge for every Espresso Italiano Specialist who wants to understand the final result in the cup. It is an account that ends with the Italian cappuccino: a symbol of the marriage between coffee and milk which has gained huge popularity today, especially outside of Italy.


Espresso Italiano Specialist is the book that helps professionals make a difference in their work, helping them to discover knowledge that truly explains the story behind each coffee and cappuccino that they serve every day in their own cafés.

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