Espresso Italiano Tasting


The objectives of our pathway
The purpose of tasting


Perception and the tools for measuring it
Sensory exploration
From the aroma wheel to the sensory map
From the aroma wheel to the aroma tree
From the aroma tree to the sensory map
What the coffee sensory map is for
How the coffee sensory map was created
Sensory measurement: the sheet
Trialcard Plus


Sensory evaluation
Sight and visual evaluation
Smell and olfactory evaluation
La complessità del codice olfattivo
The somaesthetic system and tactile evaluation
The gustatory system and evaluation of flavours
The tasting procedure
The ecosystem for coffee tasting
Environmental conditions
The psychophysical conditions of the taster
The time for tasting
The cup
The cupping spoon
The temperature of the coffee
Certified Italian Espresso


The green coffee production chain
Fruit cultivation
Hard Beans vs Soft Beans
Coffee Politics
Harvesting the fruit
Processing the fruit
Other processing methods
The storage and shipment of green coffee


Roasting and blending
Roasting styles
The blend


The equipment
The coffee grinder
Coffee grinder maintenance and cleaning
The coffee machine
An all-Italian story
Machine maintenance

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Espresso Italiano Tasting is the manual from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac), the association which, since 1993, has scientifically and independently dedicated itself to the sensory analysis of Italian espresso. The new edition of this manual is rooted in the previous manual, a best seller in its field translated into various languages and with tens of thousands of copies sold throughout the world.


Espresso Italiano Tasting presents an exhaustive and precise explanation of the tasting method implemented for evaluating Italian espresso. It discusses the topic from the point of view of sensory psycho-physiology and investigates perception through the action of the senses and the attribution of meaning at the cerebral level. The phases of tasting Italian espresso are therefore described with specific scientific references. Furthermore, the entire coffee supply chain is analysed: from cultivation to processing, from roasting to blending, up to service at the bar with professional machines and grinders.


The International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac) is a non-profit association funded solely by the membership fees paid by its members. Since its foundation in 1993, it has organised hundreds of seminars and license courses for coffee tasters, as well as advanced courses for thousands of professionals throughout the world. It is a technical partner of the Italian Espresso National Institute (Inei) for Certified Italian Espresso and each year it organises International Coffee Tasting, the competition for coffees from all over the world.

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